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“When I became pregnant, I thought that I’d have to face it all alone. I wanted to raise my baby but knew I wasn’t ready to be a parent. I also wanted my son to have a stable life with a mom and a dad. So after much discernment I chose adoption. It is really hard at times, but there were people there to help me through it. And because it was an open adoption, I was able to pick my son’s adoptive parents and stay in contact with them so I know he’s with a loving family, has a wonderful life and has a very bright future. And me? I’ve continued on with my life with a new sense of purpose. I finished school, have a wonderful job and just recently married the love of my life. Even though the adoption was very difficult at times, I have always had tremendous peace knowing that I made the most loving choice for my baby and me, and I have never regretted it!”


Adoption PSAs:

Thirty-Second Radio PSA


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