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There are many changes taking place within you. Your baby is changing and growing every day. The following will give you just a few ideas about how your baby is developing and what to expect from your pregnancy.


Day 1...

At the moment of conception the nucleus of the sperm with its 23 chromosomes meets the ovum’s nucleus with its 23 chromosomes. Their fusion takes about 2 hours.

Then in another 18 hours or so this 46 chromosome nucleus divides into two cells, then three and so on.

Day 5....

Now with about 128 to 256 cells, the newly conceived blastocyst implants into the nutrient rich lining of the uterus. It will send a chemical-hormonal message to your body, alerting it of its own presence, stopping your menstrual periods and beginning the change in your breasts.

Day 18...

The embryo has a tiny heart. By 21 days it is pumping its own blood through a closed circulatory system. The embryos blood type will be different type to yours.


Day 40....

At about one and a half months, the fetus has brain waves that can be detected on a electroencephalogram (EEG).

Around the same time, eyes, ears and respiratory systems begin to function. Glucagon, a blood sugar hormone, has been demonstrated in the fetal pancreas 6 weeks after fertilization, and insulin is found in the pancreas by 7 to 8 weeks.

At 7 weeks, the embryo has been photographed sucking its thumb.

4th month...

You will not feel your baby moving about inside your uterus until the fourth month! This is because the uterus itself has very few nerves. Only when the fetus is big enough (about a foot long and weighing one pound) can it make enough movement that the tissues outside the uterus will feel the movement.

6th month...

"Auditory sense is present in the infant 24 weeks before birth [14 weeks after conception]. This involves brain functioning and memory patterns."

Scientific research shows that the fetus hears everything we do, only 10 decibels lower. Their earliest response to sound was at 26 weeks.


Final Trimester...

Your baby is now fully developed and functioning at a relatively high level. There is evidence that the fetus demonstrates emotions, and can be sad or happy, aggressive or meek, tired or excited within the womb.

"We now know that the unborn child is an aware, reacting human being who from the sixth month on (and perhaps earlier) leads an active emotional life."


At 40 weeks both you and your baby will be making the final preparations for birth. This time is filled with tremendous excitement but also with many other emotions, anxieties and fears. You have prepared for this moment for many long months and it will soon be time to meet your baby.


Source: Life Issues