confidential, toll-free 800-395-4357

You are not alone! Please see the list below for confidential assistance and support in your area. If you are unable to locate a support centre in you area, please call toll-free 1-800-395-4357 for assistance 24 hours a day, or contact toll-free 1-866-845-2151.

(For updates to this list, please contact 1-866-780-5433)


Pregnancy Centers/Support Groups

201-2 - 1521 Grafton Street
Halifax NS  B3J 2B9
Tel: 902-422-3400
Fax: 902-422-0660

2973 Oxford Street
Halifax NS  B3L 2W3
Tel: 902-453-1222

 Halifax Metro Crisis Pregnancy Centre
Contact: Willa London
705 - 5991 Spring Garden Road
Halifax NS  B3H 1Y6
Tel: 902-422-8539
Fax: 902-420-9377

Home of The Guardian Angel
Contact: Donna Williamson
3 Sylvia Avenue
Halifax NS  B3R 1J7
Tel: 902-422-7964
Fax: 902-492-4547

Tri-County Crisis Pregnancy Centre
Contact: Pam Churchill
342 Main Street
Yarmouth NS· B5A 1E6
Tel: 902-742-3865
Fax: 902-742-5219

 Valley Care Pregnancy Center
Contact: Rev. Bill Davenport
PO Box 723
12 Cornwallis Street
Kentville NS· B4N 3X9
Tel: 902-678-6217
1-800: 1-800-284-7740
Fax: 902-679-1287

Public Adoption

Department of Community Services
Manager of Adoption and Foster Care
Tel.: (902) 424-3205


Private Adoption Agencies

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Links of Interest

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